Janata Secondary High School Basic Needs Fulfillment Project

published April 20, 2023 in News Community Services

Upcoming Project:

Janata Secondary High School Basic Needs Fulfillment Project— Located in Gauradaha, Jhapa Nepal the Janata Secondary High School is home to many successful graduates, among them, Giri Bp Community Relief Fund founder Deepak Giri. On a recent visit back to Nepal Deepak noticed the current state of his beloved alma mater and is in communication with the school’s administration in regard to funding a massive basic needs fulfillment project to include the construction and maintenance of new school bathroom facilities, access to safe drinking water and donations of technology such as projectors, laptops, and other necessary tools to ensure that students continue to receive the quality of education they deserve. Additional details regarding this project will be updated pending further discussions with the school administration to ensure that the most important needs are being met.